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How Do Male Enhancements Impact Sexual Performance?

Seeking out male enhancement is not something that people like to talk about, but it’s a common concern that many men struggle with. It might not be discussed as often, but many men who aren’t satisfied with the size of their penis seek out enhancement methods to help them feel more confident when it comes to sexual performance.

How is Sexual Performance Impacted?

One of the reasons why men are wary of male enhancements is that they don’t know what to expect before and once it’s done. Will they still be able to be sexually active like before? Will their performance be affected in the long run? The good news is that penis enlargement is not known to negatively impact sexual performance.

A clinical review of 400 members over a time span of 5 years indicated that there were no changes to their penile function. They also did not experience any negative effects on their abilities to sustain erections or ejaculate during sex. Some members have reported both increased and decreased sensitivity post-enhancement. Though, this effect is usually temporary and will resolve as the skin expands over time.

How Long Should You Wait Before Engaging In Sexual Activity?

Just keep in mind that you can’t engage in sexual activity directly after your enhancement. You will have to wait at least four weeks so your body can heal. You can return to the gym and work within a couple of days, but certain functions post-enhancement will have to wait a bit longer. Once your body is given enough time to heal, you will be able to maintain an erection as you did before the enhancement. Note that getting an erection may be slightly painful in the two or three days following the enhancement, but this will subside and you’ll be able to comfortably function as anticipated with your implant after about a month.

It’s natural to have these questions about how enhancements can affect your sexual performance. It should be understood that male enhancements will have an effect on your sexual performance, but individual results will vary. If you have additional questions about a Penuma enhancement, our offices have experts who can help answer them and provide you with the information you need.

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