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Penile Girth Enhancement

What is Penile Girth?

The penile girth involves the circumference or thickness of the penile shaft and glans (head of the penis – see separate enhancement titled, ‘Penile Glans -or head of Penis- Enlargement for more details). The penis has two states, the flaccid (or soft), and the erect (or firm). The penile shaft and glans girth typically increase dramatically from the flaccid to erect states. The normal range of the flaccid girth or circumference is 3.5 to 4.5 inches. The normal range for the erect girth or circumference is 4.5 to 5 inches, plus or minus a quarter inch.

Penile Girth Enlargement

Traditional Surgical Methods

Before discussing the minimally invasive medical permanent filler technique one must recognize that there are numerous traditional invasive surgical methods available. These are discussed in more detail in the topic Introduction to Male Enhancement.

Non-surgical penile girth enhancement methods have long existed, and as technology has developed, they have gotten a lot more nuanced — not to mention the intriguing advertisements that pull you in. Some alternatives that are on the market include:

Vacuum Pumps – Medical grade Vacuum pumps are FDA approved for temporary enhancement of erectile dysfunction and provide a temporary erection for men with underlying medical problems. Many “over-the-counter” pumps are available that perform the same function. While prolonged pumping in healthy men can provide a small, temporary increase in penis size over normal, the results will only last for a few hours at most. There is little evidence to suggest the pumping will result in permanent increases in penis size.

Pills/Lotions – Prescription medications such as Viagra or Cialis can assist with providing a normal erection in men with erectile dysfunction however they will not provide an increase in size. Over-the-Counter pills will NOT cause the penis to increase in size. Most of the effects of these medications are unproven and in some cases can cause problems with blood pressure and other medical illnesses and should be used with caution.

Manual Stretching Exercises – commonly known as Jelqing, have been around for many years. While there are some empirical data to suggest the technique works, scientific studies have yet to prove the same.

Extenders/Stretchers – Extenders can include mechanical stretching devices and “hangers”, devices applied to the penis that are then attached to a weight and worn from minutes to hours (with breaks). Mechanical extenders have some scientific studies to support growth in penis length up to ½” however this involved wearing the extender for 6 hours a day for several months and extenders cannot be worn and camouflaged under clothing.

Permanent Penile Girth Enlargement

At Men’s Medical we use a minimally invasive permanent filler medical technique. The enhancement is a technique that is used for penile girth enhancement, penile shaft flaccid lengthening, penile glans (head of the penis) enlargement & scrotal/testicular enhancement, and for corrective enhancement.

This enhancement is without the use of general anesthesia, without the need for sutures, without the high risk for scaring and infection, and is generally tolerated very well with minimal discomfort in most cases. The technique involves inserting tissue layering activation filler material into the penis, just beneath the penile skin.

After the material has been inserted, your body will be stimulated to produce your own natural collagen. Collagen is the “scaffolding” the holds together your skin, subcutaneous tissue, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

This newly formed permanent collagen then allows growth of new blood vessels, nerves and other tissues into the area and is what causes the Penile Shaft Girth to increase. This process is natural and permanent.

The following Penile Models will demonstrate what the normal range of penile girth is typically, what penile girth range is recommended, and what is outside of the recommended penile girth range. All measurements are in inches and measure the circumference of the penile shaft.

Recommended Girth Circumferences

The penile shaft can ultimately be made quite large, of course needing many enhancements to reach such goals. Based on feedback from other members, the optimum girth seems to be around 6.5 inches, although individual results can vary by members’ (and their partners’) preferences.

Points to Keep in Mind With Permanent Penile Girth Enlargement

Keep in mind that the Penile Enlargement process is more of a personal preference, and we strive to achieve the results that are best for you and your partner. While some members will be satisfied with one enhancement, more achieve optimum results with at least 2 enhancements. After the first enhancement, two issues may come up, one being the obvious…wanting the next size increase in girth, and two, having to balance areas to achieve a functional and aesthetic balance.

Considering that Mens Medical relies upon its members to follow certain protocols and massaging instructions, results may vary. The vast majority of members who follow the post-enhancement protocols achieve very good results. Those who do not risk less-than-optimal results.

A special note must be made about the natural collagen that is formed from the stimulation of the filler material. First and foremost, it is your own natural living permanent collagen matrix tissues, and like all natural living tissue, it will respond to stress.

The penis, now enlarged by this production of collagen, will be subject to the stress of sexual intercourse, masturbation, etc. Over a long period of time, and if sexual activity is above average, there might be subtle shifts in the collagen material necessitating possible future symmetry enhancements.

If the collagen is very thick, after having two or more enhancements, the risk is far lower due to the increased amount of collagen volume, resulting in a much more stable collagen structure that is able to resist major forces and pressures.

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