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What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical process involving the removal of foreskin covering the head of the penis. This practice may be undertaken for religious, cultural or health purposes and could have potential benefits including reduced risks of urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted infections and penile cancer. Let Mens Medical Atlanta guide you through the process to ensure any health or safety concerns. We can inform you of the potential benefits in helping you make the right decision.
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The healthy standard

Circumcision should be approached from a health standpoint first and foremost; reducing health concerns while increasing hygiene should be the key goal to aim for.

Circumcision may reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and HPV by eliminating an area more vulnerable to infection; specifically, circumcision removes the inner foreskin that could harbor germs that cause such infections. Circumcision can also eliminate conditions like phimosis and balanitis, which cause inflammation or tightness of the foreskin, as well as research suggesting a reduced risk of penile cancer among circumcised men; though this condition is rare. Circumcision has some health advantages, as well as potential implications on sexual function and pleasure.  Let Men’s Medical Atlanta guide you through our process today!


Undergoing circumcision can bring many positive physical and psychological outcomes for men. On a physical level, the removal of the foreskin improves hygiene while decreasing infection risks and inflammation risks. This can lead to a feeling of cleanliness and greater body confidence. Over time, as the exposed glans adjust its sensitivity, some men report increased sexual stamina and intimacy during intimate encounters. Emotionally, circumcising can be liberating. By taking control of their health and sexual well-being, circumcising is an act that boosts both self-esteem and body confidence. While circumcising can vary according to each individual’s journey, seeking advice from healthcare providers is always helpful during this process.  

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