Pre-Treatment Requirements

Pre-Treatment Requirements

Please note that all steps are required in order to receive your treatment.

1. Payment Balance – All remaining balances are due two (2) weeks before your scheduled treatment date.

2. New Member Paperwork – You will receive a link to your phone number within two (2) weeks of your payment. Please click on your link to fill out all the necessary information.

3. Measurements – In order for our doctor to evaluate and calculate the amount of filler for your treatment, we need measurements of your erect length and erect girth. See attached example and a measuring tape to cut out in case you don’t have one around. 

Please email your pictures to two (2) weeks before your treatment date.

If your treatment falls on a Saturdayplease call (404) 542 – 2458 when you arrive. The front door will be locked and we will need to let you in. If you can not make it by your appointed time, please call to notify us. 

4. Shave your pubic, shaft, and scrotum area the night before your treatment.

Rescheduling within three (3) days of your treatment will incur a fee of $1,000.

Feel free to call us with any questions. We look forward to your visit!