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Penile Corrective Enhancements

There are a number of conditions that can cause men to be uncomfortable with the shape or appearance of their penis. In some cases, the condition may cause pain with or without an erection and problems having sex.

Some conditions such as scrotal webbing are troubling both from a functional and appearance standpoint. Other conditions are the result of surgery such as problems with a previously performed circumcision or a male enhancement such as fat transfer, Alloderm or hyaluronic acid injections may leave an unsatisfactory appearance – or worse.

For men with Peyronie’s disease, a medical condition that is caused by excessive growth of scar tissue causing a penile curve and painful erections, penile corrective enhancements can correct the appearance of the penis as well as restore sexual function.

Dr. David Dellinger at Elysian Plastic Surgery in Austin is a board-certified general surgeon as well as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Over the course of his 20 plus years in practice, Dr. Dellinger has helped men throughout Texas enjoy restored sexual health with the help of penile correction.

Contact us online or call our Austin office at 512-229-1978 to learn more about your options for penile corrective enhancements.

Best Candidates for Penile Corrective Enhancements

Penile corrective enhancements may be the best option for any man whose sex life and/or quality of life has been negatively impacted due to:

  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Scrotal webbing
  • Pain or problems from a prior circumcision
  • Problems from previous Male Enhancements – uneven appearance, scarring, lumps or masses.
  • Other physical concerns, such as severe congenital penile curvature, trauma or burns, may also benefit from enhancement.

What to Expect

There are multiple approaches Dr. Dellinger may take during your penile curvature corrective enhancement. A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine the best option.  Possible options include:

  • Injections to correct the curvature or dissolve scar tissue or to add volume to balance any curvature.
  • Incision/excision of tissue to correct scrotal webbing or scar tissue from a previous enhancement.
  • LISW (low intensity shock wave) therapy: Can help with some curvature problems and is known to help with erectile dysfunction.
  • Skin flaps or grafting: Used in more severe cases such as trauma or burns

Your Penile Corrective Enhancements Recovery & Results

Your recovery time will vary depending on the type of corrective enhancement Dr. Dellinger performs. Minimal enhancements such as injections allow you to return to work almost immediately. More extensive enhancements may require a few days. Resuming sexual activity may require you to take a couple of days to a few weeks depending on the enhancement. Dr. Dellinger will give you detailed recovery instructions so you know more about what to expect.

Penile Corrective Enhancement FAQs

Are there non-surgical options for penile correction?
Both oral medications and injectable enhancements are options to treat penile curvature without surgery. Oral medications have not been consistently reliable, and have not delivered the same level of results as surgery. For injectable medications, multiple enhancements are typically required. As with oral medications, evidence of these enhancements working consistently is limited. LISW (low intensity shockwave therapy) shows significant promise as a non-invasive enhancement for curvature as well as erectile dysfunction.

Are there risks associated with penile correction?
Of course, there are always risks to any medical enhancement. Dr. Dellinger will discuss with you the risks and benefits of any enhancement and these will vary with the surgical approach and the specifics of the condition treated.

Will my condition come back again?
Most conditions treated achieve permanent results although any enhancement may require additional enhancements to enhance the results.

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